ARTIST e-NEWSLETTER - September 2017 by Jacquelene Drinkall


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*Solo exhibition: Unconscious Extraction*       

ARTIST TALK 2.30-3.30pm and FINESSAGE cheese, fruit, tea & wine 3.30-5pm this Sunday, Sept 10, 2017

Please come see Unconscious Extraction at ArticulateUpstairs, 497 Parramatta Road Sydney, closing with artist talk and finessage Sunday September 10 (opened August 24). Open fri, sat, sun 11-5pm or by appointment. The exhibition covers two years of artistic experimentation and research, including new works developed at 2016 Banff Research in Culture “On Energy”; Frontyard artist run space; 2017 Saas-Fee Summer Institute of Art; residency at Phasmid studios, Berlin (blog:; and group exhibition *Ohne Prickelnd Sanft* at Spike Magazine Headquarters, Berlin (zine:

Gallery floor and blog notes:

Cyanotypes in this exhibition were also recently shown in *Out of the Blue: 175 years of the Cyanotype* in August at Photospace Gallery, ANU School of Art, Canberra (e-catalogue:; and in my solo exhibition *EcoDome in Cyan Mountains* at Kandos Projects within Cementa Art Festival’s Public Program 2016-17 (gallery notes:

*Making a Splash: Mermaids and Modernity*

To be opened by Professor Elspeth Probyn Department of Gender and Cultural Studies, The University of Sydney at Macquarie University Art Gallery, Sydney 13 September 2017, 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm (touring to Cowra Regional Art Gallery in 2018). Curators: Philip Hayward, Rhonda Davis and Leonard Janisweski.

Exhibiting artists: Effy Alexakis, Alan Barlow, Eddie Blitner, Meredith Brice, Mauro Anselmo Olivos Castilo, Maria Cmielewski, Daniel Mudie Cunningham, Kate Downhill, Jacquelene Drinkall, Nigel Helyer and Nola Jones.

(Gallery info:

*Juried exhibition/finalist - 2017 Incinerator Art Award: Art for Social Change*

‘Data Centre Séance’ by Jacquelene Drinkall is shortlisted for the 2017 Incinerator Art Prize: Art for Social Change. ‘Data Centre Séance’ was made possible through generous funding received via NAVA NSW Artists Grant for New York collaborative exchange with COIP Correspondence of Imaginary Places and participation in *2017 Cementa Contemporary Art Festival* (exhibitions in New York, Kandos, Blue Mountains and Sydney) blog:

“The award is a showcase of artists who interrogate contemporary culture with practices that either overtly engage with activism, or that operate in more subtle ways to achieve their goals. The award looks to explore ideas around art and agency in contemporary culture while putting the spotlight on artists who relish the responsibility in leading social change.”

Opening night: Friday, 6 October, 6pm – 8pm; Exhibition dates: 7 October – 26 November, at Incinerator Art Gallery, Melbourne.

*Launch of Telepathic Art on*

My research texts on Telepathic Art in the Age of Cognitive Capitalism are launched on Warren Neidich’s Artbrain website Warren, my collaborative mentor, contributed references/research directions and chapter titles (stemming largely from my paper in Psychopathologies of Cognitive Capitalism – see below) then used to structure my selection of artworks. Warren and I are co-editors of this online exhibition on Artbrain’s Image Gallery, which will fork into new research collaborations.

o CHAPTER 1: Art Historical Sections on ESP

o CHAPTER 2: Extro-science fiction and hyperstition

o CHAPTER 3: Neuro-Modulating the Neural Material Substrate

o CHAPTER 4: Material Engagement and the World Brain Continuum

o CHAPTER 5: Theories of Mind (ToM): Mind Reading, Empathy and Telepathy

o CHAPTER 6: Mirror Neurons and the dispositifs of Social Neuroscience

o CHAPTER 7: Immaterial Technologies of Mindedness

o CHAPTER 8: Gilbert Simondon The Milieu and processes of individuation

o CHAPTER 9: Dialectical Materialism: Phantoms, the Uncanny, Spectres

This work builds on my Masters and PhD research into telepathy in contemporary art and culture, work as an Honorary Researcher at University of New South Wales Art and Design, and 3+ years of mentorship with Warren Neidich including scholarship at 2015 and 2017 Saas-Fee Summer Institute of Art- Warren is founder and director of SFSIA. Feedback is much appreciated as this research is ongoing and live.

*’Neuromodulations of XS Telepathy’ in Psychopathologies of Cognitive Capitalism #3*

My book chapter ‘Neuromodulations of Extro-scientific Telepathy’ is immanently published in Psychopathologies of Cognitive Capitalism Part Three, edited by Warren Neidich. I have an actual rare first print copy of the book in my possession, available for sneak previews at my Articulate Finessage. It is officially out October 31, 2017 according to Amazon’s pre-ordering advice:

Volume contributors: Warren Neidich, Scott Lash and Anthony Fung, Anna Munster, Franco “Bifo” Berardi, Kerstin Stakemeier, Luciana Parisi, Dmitris Papadoppoulos, Amanda Beech, Mark Fisher, Matthew Fuller, Jacquelene Drinkall, Lambros Malafouris, Marina Vishmidt, John L. Proveti, Howard Slater, Ray Brassier, David Burrows, Bronac Ferran, Melanie Gilligan, Liam Gillick, Ryan Trecartin, Tyler Coburn, Chris Evans, Meena Alexander. ISBN-10: 3943620506 ISBN-13: 978-3943620504

*‘All That Is Solid’ in Leonardo Electronic Almanac*

My book chapter ‘All That is Solid: Speculative, Quantum, and Cognitive Aesthetics of Telepathy and Telekinesis’ is out in LEA Leondardo Electronic Almanac. (sign up to pubpub) and also available on my site and on my artist website

Volume contributors: Lanfranco Aceti, Birgitte Aga, Edward Colless, Chris Cottrell, David Eastwood, Jane Grant and John Matthias, Jacquelene DrinkallDarren Tofts and Lisa GyePatricia Flanagan, Jens Hauser, Michael Goddard and Grace Kingston,  Lindsay Kelley, Luke HespanholLeon Marvell, Troy InnocentEugen Petcu and Rodica Ileana MiroiuPia Ednie-Brown and Jondi KeaneSimone Mandl and Petra Gemeinboeck, Paul Thomas, Mike Phillips, Mark TitmarshTami Spector, Darren ToftsChris Speed, and Debra Swack.                  ISSN: 1071-4391; ISBN: 978-1-906897-62-8